Update: Apple Power Mac G5 casemod

Since a few people didn’t like the original brownish color of the Noctua fans in the front, I redid this part. After disassembly, I only coated both frames with matt black paint, let it dry and put it back together.

You can find before pictures in the original post.
Here are the results:

I hope casemod is now complete…

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8 thoughts on “Update: Apple Power Mac G5 casemod”

  1. how did you manage to connect the rear panel and io panel so smoothly?? it looks so good

    1. hey,
      thank you.
      1. glueing parts together
      2. fill little cracks with aluminum putty
      3. sand smooth
      4. spray with paint
      (5. sand everything away again, because it looks bad -> 1.)

      1. Sand the whole case?
        And did you paint the whole case again? If so, what color did you use

        1. yes, and yes.
          The color should be as close as possible to Apple’s space gray.
          A bit of searching on the internet revealed that RAL 9022 is nearly this color.

  2. Thanks you this is very helpful. im looking to mod my own case soon. do you have the model/link to buy the I/O and lastercut CADs?

    1. I’m not sure anymore.
      Some is glued with metal spatula, see the link in the original post. Other parts with some generic 2 component glue.

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